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Dry January

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I decided to give dry January a go: I’d never tried it before: I much prefer making a conscious decision to do something ther and the , and following through instead of feeling obliged to perform some action due to peer pressure. But, December was the most gluttonous month I’ve ever had, and I really want to get back in shape: cutting out 5000 calories on a Saturday night seems like an easy way t get a jump start! I’m not out of shape, but no gyming and lots of drinking and eating have piled on the pounds: I think…

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The-Paleo-Diet (1)


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A classic New Year, New Me move: I decided to take up eating the Paleo way again. Paleo is THe classic ‘caveman’ diet: Fruit Vegetables Meat Nuts (and not much else) The idea behind it is to eat the foods our body has been designed to eat, and has digested over 99.5% of homo-sapiens lifetime. No grains No dairy No processed food I’ve done Paleo before, and found myself beginning to crave a huge bar of chocolate, resisting the urge for as long as possible before eventually buckling and demolishing 3 or 4 bars in quick succession, followed by more…

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New year, new me!

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December for me (and millions of other people) was VERY unhealthy: I stopped gyming I started snacking on shed loads of chocolate between meals I started drinking daily And I certainly ensured that I squeezed in 2 binge drinking sessions per week. NOT GOOD The new year hit, and for the first time in my life I made a resolution! Dry January! And February! AND Paleo. I’ll get into Paleo in another post soon…but for now just know: I’m booze free, and waking up fresh on Saturday and Sunday mornings have felt ABSOLUTELY lovely! Related posts: No related posts.

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Good afternoon and welcome to my first official blog. My name is Joseph Edwards and I have never been a talented writer. Writing regularly in this blog is unlikely to change that, but I hope that I have some interesting insights to share. Here is me and my ‘bird’ in Tenerife a few weeks ago: Whilst reviewing 2015 I decided to set myself some targets for 2016. Almost all of these seemed to be business related: being a business owner really cramps your style on that work-life balance thing: I live and breath Gleem, but wanted an opportuity to start…

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Bristol’s Best Burger

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1 mans quest for the perfect burger The original reason for starting my blog was for this: find the best burger in Bristol. So, over the next 52 weeks, I am going to dedicate myself to eating burgers: what a sacrifice right? There are more reasons behind this: After reading a number of blog posts, forums and short reports, I became very interested in the idea behind compensatory eating. In 2016 I plan on eating along the lines of the Paleo diet as possible. However, I’m concerned that missing ‘normal’ food will cause me to binge eventually. So this 1…

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