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Bristol’s Best Burger


1 mans quest for the perfect burger

The original reason for starting my blog was for this: find the best burger in Bristol. So, over the next 52 weeks, I am going to dedicate myself to eating burgers: what a sacrifice right?

There are more reasons behind this: After reading a number of blog posts, forums and short reports, I became very interested in the idea behind compensatory eating. In 2016 I plan on eating along the lines of the Paleo diet as possible. However, I’m concerned that missing ‘normal’ food will cause me to binge eventually. So this 1 burger per week idea, it is my opportunity to eat away from paleo: my cheat meal for the week, and I cannot wait!

This whole burger idea isn’t just on a whim though, things like this needs structure…fun needs to be organised!
Therefore I have created a points system, which will enable me to locate THE BEST BURGER IN BRISTOL.

And here is is in all of it’s glory:

total number of points available: 100

Overall burger = /25 points
Overall fries = /25 points

Value for money = /10 points
Service = /10 points
Ambience = /10 points

Toppings = /5 points
Sauces = /5 points

Brown bread available? Yes/No = 5 points / 0 points
Sweet potato fries offered? Yes/No = 5 points / 0 points

Why the last 2 I hear you ask? I like eating gluttonous foods just as much as the next person, but I hate the simple carb nature of white bread (pretty much just sugar), and love the low glycemix (breaks down slowly) nature of sweet potato’s

And that is that: 100 points.

1 burger will rule them all!

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