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Burger #1: Smoking Buns 60.5/100


Paleo is going well, and what better way to spoil myself than to pop into Smoking Buns: a Camden Town based burger restaraunt operating in Bristol as a pop up shop.

I had been speaking to Sam Finny of Wriggle fame earlier in the week and he told me that this place was not to be missed: so when I logged into the Wriggle app this morning and found that they were in the app: it was on!

With the help of the app, we paid just £12 for 2 burgers and 2 sides: a great start, and a seamless booking process.

When I saw the Brooklyn upgrade option for an extra £3, I couldn’t resist: 2 patties, double cheese and double bacon! Value for money = 9/10

NEW RULE: any ‘super’ burger is an obligatory upgrade for me over the next 52 burgers.

The lady behind the bar took our order in a friendly and polite way. No check up on how our meal was whilst we were eating it though. Customer service = 7/10

The Restaraunt itself was in The Old Bookshop on North Street. I had never been there before, but it was one of the quaintest pubs I’ve been in. It housed a plethora of ornaments and decorations including a chandelier made of tubas! The place was warm, and played upbeat jazz and blues: so catchy that I couldn’t avoid jigging about in my seat: much to the bemusement of the people I was eating with. Ambience = 10/10


And so it arrived:





The burger:

Burnt buns and burnt burgers (with no rareness in the middle): not a great start…the bacon and cheese were perfect though.

The bread was nice and soft. Altogether the burger was very well put together: just a shame to taste charcoal and have overcooked burgers: somewhat ruined it unfortunately.


The fries:

No seasoning but light and crispy. Somewhat hollow, but adequate once lots of sauces were applied.


Still good enough to finish!:


Brown bread available? No = 0 points

Sweet potato fries available? No = 0 points

Sauces on offer: ketchup, mustard and hot sauce. Mayonnaise when we asked for it: Sauces = 2/5 points

Toppings: the usual suspects = 2.5/5 points

TOTAL = 60.5/100 points
An unfortunately average overall meal at somewhere that I expected better from. The people and pub helped this from being disappointing.

Burger #1 dealt with. Not the worlds greatest…perhaps my standards are too high? Still, on to the next one, and the quest to find Bristols BEST burger.

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