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Burger #2: MEATliquor 71/100


Monday celebrated the 5 year anniversary of MEAT liquor. The London based chain has just opened up a Bristol restaraunt opposite the canteen.
To celebrate their birthday they offered 50% off: you may soon spot a trend: if I spy a discount, I’ll be there!

So I ventured down with a friend after work and discovers this:

How funky!

The black, red and white graffiti decor, and satanical art was complimented by low light, and red neon: this place felt ‘worn’, but not in a dirty way.

The music was modern and too cool for me: but obviously well chosen because everyone seemed to be treating the place more like a bar than a restaraunt. Ambience = 10/10 points

Value for money: double burger and chips and a drink for £6.50 = 10/10 points

I opted, of course for their biggest burger, however I was disappointed at the bottom to read that ‘our burgers have been carefully crafted, so whilst you can feel free to remove items from your burger, we do no offer you additional toppings’… My burger only had cheese: this is mini Epic Meal Time: I wanted at least some bacon! Toppings = 0/5 points

Sauces: the usual suspects: Mayo, ketchup and mustard. Pretty poor selection. Sauces = 2/5

Brown bread was not available: 0/5 points

Customer service: the ladies working as waitresses were great: they could nstantoy popped past and glanced to see if we needed anything, ready to take our requests at a moments notice, and very politely came to see if everything was all good. Customer service = full marks: 10/10 points.


Slightly smaller than I had anticipated. Te bread on this bad boy somewhat resembled Macdonalds’. The lettuce and tomatoes looked very fresh, the cheese was well melted, and the meat patties had a great flavour and texture! One thing that did annoy me was my bun: the burger had ‘dribbled’, and the iron bun was very soggy: a somewhat off putting event when trying to devour a burger, and unfortunately it has to cost MEATliquor a few points. Score = 22-5/25 = 17/25points


Decent sized portion, great texture, “French fries not chips”. Score = 22/25 points.

But no sweet potato option: 0/5 points


A really tasty burger Restaraunt, with a solid offering of well thought out food. 

But lightly lacking in the variety drawer, and quite expensive booze @£4 per 330ml can.

FINAL SCORE = 71 points/ 100 points

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