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Burger #3: Chicken Shack 71/100


Chicken shack is ANOTHER pop-up restaraunt operating out of The Old Bookshop. The Old Bookshop is still on North street, and still had it’s charmingly eclectic mix of taxidermin and brass instruments posing as chandeliers. The music is well picked. Ambience = 10/10

I had found ANOTHER Wriggle gem to demolish: 2 burgers and chips for £12, and, of course harnessed my ability to upgrade to the ‘big deal burger’. I should probably be comparing the normal prices to determine value for money, but this is my blog and I love promoting Wriggle (no affiliation) so it’s another whopping 10/10 points for value for money.

Customer service: I was served by a lady on the phone, who was booking in reservations: bit weird, but she roughy the drinks over to the table which was nice: it really sometimes is the little things that you appreciate. No check mid meal though. Customer service = 7/10

Brown bread = nope: 0/5 points

Sauces = only ketchup and chilli sauce (and mayo when requested): 2/5

Toppings = hash browns, more chicken and bacon on the menu, yeeehaah 4/5


  What a beauty! The colours look fantastic, and a hash brown inside: what a treat!

Biting into the burger: the gerkins really complimented the chicken. I savoured every bite of this one. Points = 22/25

Coleslaw: in a decent sized portion! Done you just hate it when they bring you out a thimble of coleslaw: what’s that all about? And , it looks pretty healthy!  

pretty decent actually , even though. I’m not the biggest fan of  normal fries.

No sweet potato fries available = 0/5 points

Good crunch, but a little cold by the time they arrived = 16/25 points

TOTAL = 71/100 points

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