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Burger #4: Macdonalds 61/100

By January 26, 2016 General No Comments

That’s right! Any burger blog wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory trip to the Golden Arches.

I wasn’t anticipating much from this burger, and have dined with Ronald many many times. Appropriately (and biasely) I didn’t give my dining experience much thought: I left Slovakia at 8am and reached bristol at 8pm in a state of first world famish. I jumped in and ordered my food: it was my first time using their touch screen!

The ambience was that of college, with spotty teenaged standing round, wasting time at Macdonalds. Ambience = 3/10

Nevertheless I bought my meal: a double cheeseburger and medium fried: a £ saver menu breakout if £2.48. Value for money 10/10

Customer service: my interaction was confined to 3 words: “Order Sixty One”. At least she smiled! Customer service = 4/10.

Overall burger: alas, that familiar taste: sweet bun, thin and soft burgers, and plastic cheese. You know it’s bad, you can feel it is unhealthy as it disintegrates without chewing. But that known experience, that consistency: it still hits a spot: a low quality but familiar spot: I’d love to say I disliked it, and stand on a health conscious high horse, but you can’t: in my younger years I’d estimate that 90% of my burgers were from Macdonalds. Overall burger = 21/25

Overall fries: like my mum says: “I like the burgers from Burger King, and the chips from Macdonalds”. The chips are thin, salty and hot generally, with enough softness in them. Score = 20/25.

Sauces: the classics: sugary curry, sugary sweet and sour, sugary barbecue or sugary ketchup. All sickly but taste full of msg. No mayonnaise iption: a nightmare! Score = 3/5

Toppings: no option for add one: 0/5

Summary: a classic cheap eat, but this is no Restaraunt: more of a feeding station. 

Total score = 61/100

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