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Burger #5: Three Brothers 79/100

By February 2, 2016 General No Comments

One of my old favourites was on the cards tonight: with one of my old favourites, someone I work with, Gareth.

Another Wriggle!

Did I tell you yet: they’ve updated the app: with their best update ever! You can now book up for tomorrow OR the day after!

So I’d booked up for a deal: Classic burger and fries for £5: of course I couldn’t resist the upgrade: we added cheese and bacon.

I love the atmosphere: always good music, and a classic assortment of stellar beers: guess what, it’s not Dry January anymore! A nice pint of Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner saw me through this delight!

A wriggle classic: value for money: 10/10

Customer service: friendly yet gruff lad, but the girl charged us wrong: 8/10

Ambience: that music…and on a boat! 8/10.

So, time for a classic burger (+ extras): a soft brioche bun, a rare burger, crispy bacon and cheese: one of the best so far: 23/25

 The chips: no salt, but Cajun slide shake, how juicy! How fries, Heinz ketchup and Helmand Mayo:my god these are tough to beat! 23/25!

Sauce: well played you 3 cheeky lads: 2 types of Tabasco, and the classics: 3/5.

Toppings: a choice of 10 different toppings: not the cheapest, but certainly substantial! 4/5…only thing to beat these needs to be a bargain too!

No brown bread though: 0/5 points

No sweet ‘taters: 0/5 points.
79/100!! Miles ahead so far! One thing I’d say: if you do go, smash the buttermilk chicken burger: a winner in anyone’s book!

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