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Burger #6: Ninth Ward (Farringdon, London) 74/100

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I went to meet someone else who runs a cleaning company this week: they are larger than Gleem, operating in London and BOOMING! His name is Avin, and he shares the same views as I about engagement with cleaners.

We met at 11, and before we looked around it was 3pm and definitely time for some lunch!

We stepped out from his office, and 2 doors away was the Ninth Ward: a rustic wood and whisky establishment with large plans growing in the windows:

We started with their speciality: ‘Filthy fried chicken’…and it certainly was! Chilli, garlic, great breaded mix with a light mayo, spring onions and lime!

Next up was the burger: the Ninth Ward burger was an 8oz burger in a brioche bun with house made dill pickles. It is served pink with a light coating of melted cheese:

We were tucking into a lovely IPA, chatting over the upbeat and appropriate tunes when this bad boy rocked up:

There was a burger deal on: drink, fries and the burger for £10: value 9/10

Ambience = 9/10

Customer service: the bar lady told us about the deal and saved us over £5 each: 10/10!

Overall burger:

I bit into the burger: when I looked down I saw how very pink the burger was: exactly how I like it, in fact the pinkest burger I’ve ever seen! The pickle was tasty too: one issue for me was the mustard already in the burger: not my cup of tea, and I would’ve loved to have the option to veto that addition. Score = 20/25

Overall fries:

Well cooked, but no seasoning… Still a great crunch! 20/25

Toppings: on offer was bacon, cheese, pulled pork and blue cheese: tease me tease me 4/5

Sauces: ketchup and mayo: I just don’t know why places don’t stock up on options! Give me some hot sauce, aioli, bbq… 2/5

The company was great, the place was great and the burger was very good: overall score = 74/100

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