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Burger #7: Burger Joint 82/100

By February 24, 2016 General No Comments

A crowd pleaser: Burger Joint is quickly becoming a Bristol burger institution: the ability to build WHATEVER burger you want!

With 10 or so choices of meat, 3 choices of bread (or bread less), 30+ toppings and 20+ sauces and lots of side dishes, it’s hard to dislike: mainly because you can build your meal to suit your current cravings!

Now there’s one mistake I have NEVER been able to remember that a good burger needs to ‘gel’ together…the combination of everything needs to glue itself together into a gluttonous mount of deliciousness… 

My previous visits have comprised of blue cheese, peanut butter, lamb and mint burger, gluten free buns and pulled pork: individually I could polish off severe amounts of each, but combine them and you get the anti-transformer…you get a mix of random flavours that would be better consumed individually…and that’s exactly what I have previously ended up doing!

But not tonight! I kept it classy with a 6oz beef burger, bacon, cheese and fried egg. Plus sweet potato fries and 2 different mayo’s.

Ambience: bangin tunes seems to be part of every burger bar in Bristol: this was no exception: 10/10

Value for money: £8.50 + £1.95 for the extras: not a Wriggle, or a 50% off deal, but certainly not too expensive. Add a couple of quid for refillable Coke, and you can pop it up to a cool 7/10

Customer service: very attentative staff: refilling our drinks at every occasion: 10/10

Overall burger: well put together, but I should’ve opted for the brioche bun: the bread wasn’t great: quite dry. Slightly overcooked egg, bacon and burger…but only slightly. 19/25

Overall fries: super chunk, moorish (almost crispy: please someone tell me where they can really crispier these!) sweet potato fries: 22/25

Brown bread? No = 0/5

Sweet potato? Yes = 5/5

Toppings: loadssssss 5/5

Sauces: lodsssss: you get ketchup and 2 sauces BUT you have to pay for extras: 4/5

WOW, that was some serious competition! 82/100 !!!

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