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Dry January

By January 13, 2016 General No Comments

I decided to give dry January a go: I’d never tried it before: I much prefer making a conscious decision to do something ther and the , and following through instead of feeling obliged to perform some action due to peer pressure.

But, December was the most gluttonous month I’ve ever had, and I really want to get back in shape: cutting out 5000 calories on a Saturday night seems like an easy way t get a jump start!

I’m not out of shape, but no gyming and lots of drinking and eating have piled on the pounds: I think I put on over a stone in December 2015.

So this is the plan:

No drinking during January and February

Paleo until I can’t stand it anymore

Rippetoes (heavy weight lifting) 3 times per week

Yoga 4 times per week for flexibility.
I’ll report back soon: MrEdwards over and out

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