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Being a cash strapped start up is one thing, but understanding how to start and run a business is a whole different story!

I had only been back from travelling the world for a few months and was sat down at my dining room table applying for Banking and Finance graduate schemes and jobs. Momentarily my perspective changed, and I had a birds eye perspective of what I was up to: I was applying for jobs I didn’t have any passion for, in a city I felt obliged to move to due to my degree (BSc Economics).i didn’t want this!

What did I want?

I’d always admired my dad: he has run an electrical contracting company since before I was born. Running my own business: I’d dabbled in eBay and found it fun, and has religiously visited my local market to bulk buy sweets to sell at school. These Del-boy excursions had been energising! Could I make a career out of doing stuff like this on my own?

I’d often looked at India with a level of admiration: millions of people hustling to earn money: not having full time jobs, but buying and selling to earn some cash: going on money making ‘missions’ to get by.

And that wasbthe day I decided I wanted to run my own business: I was going to be an entrepreneur!

Now what? I had no idea, I had no tangible experience, and I had no money! What to do!?

I started look by for courses, and due to my budget: free courses. I quickly found that there are a plethora of courses available, free of charge, in most cities, that will help to inform, train and educate you in entrepreneurship. I tapped up every resource that I could, and threw myself into it: operating like a sponge, soaking in as much information as possible.

If you’re thinking about starting a business I urge you to take up the opportunity to attend the courses available in your city!

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