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Finding motivation


I turned up to university, looked around, and saw that there was no one encouraging (forcing) me to work when back in school. Previously when people said “do your work”, I’d rebel against them by not doing my work: if only they’d known that this was how I worked they could’ve used Jedi mind tricks on me to get stuff done. This time, if I wanted something, it would be myself and myself  alone that had to earn it. Couple that with the grade boundary going up once more, meaning that m peers were 3 grades ‘better’ than me, and there was quite the recipe for motivation…it I wanted it enough!

I was not your stereotypical Fresher. After my year abroad, I was all boozed out, so spent the majority of the year sober: probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Instead of lazy hangover days, and struggling to make lectures, I was up at 5:30 exercising, in my lectures and seminars, reading all the additional material: in general cracking on as an ideal student.

When exams came round, I had alien experiences: whereby back at school I was filled with dread before, guilt during, and regret after, this time it was different! I had worked hard all year, and I knew my subjects: I stepped in confidently, answered effectively, and celebrated afterwards. When the results came in, I knew I’d done well: it was just a case of how well I’d done. I got a first. I got a first in first year: it didn’t even count towards my degree, but i had proved myself! On to the next one!

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