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No motivation

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I’d like to tell you about how I started my first business: Gleem

But in order to do that, I think it would be good to tell you about the beginning.

I wasn’t the best student back in school. I went to Bristol Grammar School: one of the best private schools in Bristol (and something that must’ve cost my parents an arm and a leg).

I didn’t like working at school: I was always messing about and as soon as the school day finished, I had no intention of doing homework: I’d worked far too hard during the day…

So school life revolved around rushing to copy someone’s homework in the morning, and distracting the rest of the class during lessons. I like to think I was a loveable rogue, but you’d have to ask my peers. Needless to say my GCSE results arrived and they were far from the starry results that the majority of students obtained: one sect of friends actually mocking one of their mates for getting 9 A*’s and 1 A instead of the 10 A*’s! I was disappointed, but could only blame myself.

A-levels next: this time I adopted a similar strategy: I couldn’t possibly work after 5:30pm in the evening, “I’ll do it on the weekend”. Queue Friday night, when I deserved a night off. Saturday morning was for ‘mental preparation’ for the rugby match ahead. Post rugby was a quick turnaround in order to meet everybody from the team, drink too much and stay out too late. Sunday: Sunday was when I’d do it. I’d sit down at the desk in the back room and flick through pages of information I wasnt interested in. 

After a stint of 3 hours of page flicking and achieving nothing I’d give up. Round 2: The A-level results were in, and again they were disappointing. The grades I got were B C C: well below par for the BGS course.

I called UCAS: even though I’d dropped 2 grades on the entry requirement, my first choice had accepted me! That was lucky, so of course I did the smart  thing and deferred for a year so that I could travel.

To sum it up quickly, the gap year was amazing. I spent time seeing amazing sites with my best friends: of course it would be incredible!

What was around the corner, post travelling was going to be another fantastic journey…

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