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Starting a business with just £200 is a challenge: especially when up against behemoths the size of Mopp (who were acquired by Handy and traditional companies that have longevity like Molly Maids and Daily Poppins.

Being so cash strapped, you have to spend extremely wisely, and in the modern era, with access to a world of resources, that means looking abroad!

There are a variety of websites whereby you can find highly skilled freelancers to perform tasks for you. The most frugal of these sites is Fiverr : on this site there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people who will do a variety of tasks for a mere $5.

With a tiny budget, this was pretty much my option. I had a $5 logo designed, and after that had a $5 flyer designed. These were the primary arsenal i had at my disposal in order t grow my cleaning company. And that’s all it took! 

I’m looking forwards to talking more about Gleem, and where we have come since these first steps in my journey to become a fully fledged entrepreneur!

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