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Haus Bar

By February 26, 2016 General No Comments

Have you even been to Haus Bar? 

Before tonight I haven’t, but I have visited the other ‘speak easy’ bates of bristol…

We walked up balckboy hill: potentially a little too far from the glitz and glamour…but below a sport shop. 


When we walked up to the door it was necessary that i, the man in shirt and shoes stood at the front to make the obligatory good impression .

We entered into relatively empty bar that had some very ‘chill’ music (according to Milos): I wouldn’t know (I rarely listen to Muzak).

Upon sitting down queue a very well informed barman ready to deliver us with copious amounts of booze…per drink. Some of them were rocket fuel!

We only had 3 drinks there, but I left suitably sozzled. I will be back!

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