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Maintaining motivation


So I’d got a first in first year. After feeling the personal satisfaction of doing well, I decided that my challenge would be to graduate with a first.

Throughout second and third year I made up one part of a tightly knit group of students who wanted to do well.

We found ourselves teaching each other by re-enacting lectures: we would sneak into the theatres, and one of us would present economic arguments to the others. Afterwards we would review it and build upon it, compiling comprehensive answers that catered for any eventuality that our examiners may throw at us. I drew inspiration from one of my favourite teachers at BGS: if you can’t explain an idea with words. Less than 3 syllables, then you do not truly understand it. The adoption of the teacher role was the real test in our learning: did we know the idea well enough to formulate it in a way that the layman could understand? 

On top of this highly effected technique I played a memory game: utilising my short term memory. I can specifically remember learnings 36 pages: 36 PAGES of econometric, algebraic code off by heart, whilst not truly being able to understand it.

This friendship, being a teacher and becoming a sponge for information led to a result: I got the First, and he a great time along the way!

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