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Paleo part 2

By January 17, 2016 Paleo No Comments

So I’ve been in Paleo since January 1st.

I do not often weigh myself, and I’m not trying to lose weight, but though it would be a good idea to track this, and I was right:

On the first in January, after a gluing us December I weighed myself: 95kg’s (not too bad, and around about my normal weight).

Over the next 2 week I kept to the diet (except for my weekly burgers!). Getting carbs was hard, but I substituted with lots of extra virgin olive oil, and felt no hunger or cravings. The added benefit of this is that our bodies struggle to to synthesise healthy fats and store them in our bodies AS FAT.

I love the idea of getting calories from fat, and my body reacted really well to it: I had much more mental clarity, I was sleeping better, waking up earlier and was much more energetic.

On the 15th Januart I decided to weigh: I was 89kg’s! I’d lost a stone! In 2 weeks! And I felt better for it too. 

I’d also been going to the gym, and the weight I was lifting for my compound exercises (squats, cleans, bench and deadlifts) had all increased: I’m getting stronger!

I’m off to Slovakia to ski on the 20th-24th so won’t be able to stay Paleo then, but I feel that Paleo may be the way I choose to eat for a long time to come!

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