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Skiing Slovakia

By January 26, 2016 General No Comments

I am writing this from the airplane on the way home from my first ‘lads holiday’. I have just spent the last 4 days as 1 member of a 10 person strong trip to Jasna in Slovakia.
We decided that we wanted to go skiing as a group, and Slovakia was #1 on the list of most affordable destinations in Europe:

Our flights we were the Wizz air: I’ve never heard of them before, but the seem great. The flights cost £60 return. Our accommodation whilst we were there was from Propaganda: a British owned company. We paid £150 for 4 nights accommodation in our own house/chalet but that wasn’t all that we got: that included hour long my airport transfers, breakfasts, transport to and from the slopes everyday AND a guide on the snow. Renting the ski gear and a 3 day slip passcost £50 and £85. Total cost: £345 + food + drink.

The last time I skied was on a school trip in year 9: that was 14 years ago. Fortunately the went in with a confident mentality, and even on the first, shallow run, I found myself enjoying myself, and not being afraid of the fact that I was throwing myself down a hill on 2 planks.

The slopes themselves were lovely: lots of   variety includ by some free ride/off piste sections. The best part by far, for me was the view when you got an opportunity to look up:


One night we decided to go to a lack ice hockey game: the speed of the game was impressive and it was nice to be in amongst the die hard fans singing their chants.

With a fuzzy head after an evening of beers and jäger we set off for our last day of skiing. After spending the last few days building confidence and skill, we were all challenging ourselves (and taking thcassional tumble). Everything was fine until the binding on my screen decided to take a walk. This caused me to fall over immediately and watch my lone ski slide off down the hill into the abyss of snow beneath me. After an excruciating amount of time searching for Sinskey, I opted to give up and accepted my fate as I rode the ski lift back down the hill much to the amusement of a few couples and families who were riding the lift up.

We rounded off a fantastic trip with a visit to a Slovakian drum and bass club where the obligatory headbanging left me with 4 days of excruciating neck pain

Summary: go to Slovakia and ski

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