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Maintaining motivation

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So I’d got a first in first year. After feeling the personal satisfaction of doing well, I decided that my challenge would be to graduate with a first. Throughout second and third year I made up one part of a tightly knit group of students who wanted to do well. We found ourselves teaching each other by re-enacting lectures: we would sneak into the theatres, and one of us would present economic arguments to the others. Afterwards we would review it and build upon it, compiling comprehensive answers that catered for any eventuality that our examiners may throw at us….

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Finding motivation

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I turned up to university, looked around, and saw that there was no one encouraging (forcing) me to work when back in school. Previously when people said “do your work”, I’d rebel against them by not doing my work: if only they’d known that this was how I worked they could’ve used Jedi mind tricks on me to get stuff done. This time, if I wanted something, it would be myself and myself  alone that had to earn it. Couple that with the grade boundary going up once more, meaning that m peers were 3 grades ‘better’ than me, and…

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No motivation

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I’d like to tell you about how I started my first business: Gleem But in order to do that, I think it would be good to tell you about the beginning. I wasn’t the best student back in school. I went to Bristol Grammar School: one of the best private schools in Bristol (and something that must’ve cost my parents an arm and a leg). I didn’t like working at school: I was always messing about and as soon as the school day finished, I had no intention of doing homework: I’d worked far too hard during the day… So school…

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