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Good afternoon and welcome to my first official blog.

My name is Joseph Edwards and I have never been a talented writer. Writing regularly in this blog is unlikely to change that, but I hope that I have some interesting insights to share.

Here is me and my ‘bird’ in Tenerife a few weeks ago:


Whilst reviewing 2015 I decided to set myself some targets for 2016. Almost all of these seemed to be business related: being a business owner really cramps your style on that work-life balance thing: I live and breath Gleem, but wanted an opportuity to start talking about something else. then, later in the day I was listening to a Freakonomics podcast when the idea of a food blog presented itself to me. That was that, I was going to make a food blog: One burger per week for a year, and a detailed review (and rating system).

Then Gleem crept back in: would people like to read about the trials and tribulations of a bootstrapped business? I would, and I like writing about Gleem so that was in too…

What about me personally? My long hair (shout out to The Longhairs)? Films? Hannah (my girlfriend)? Sports?

All of them are in.

These is the semi-structured ramblings of an overthinking Bristolian.


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